The intention of the DL35EUDXF Award is a test of the technology that is required for online checking, creation and download of awards. It is not a replacement for the 35EUDXF award.

QSOs that count for the award must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Only QSOs with DL35EUDXF are valid.
  • QSOs from November 1st 2021 until October 31st 2022.
  • Modes are aggregated. For example FM and SSB count as Phone and PSK31 and FT8 count as Digital. Based on this we have the mainmodes PHONE, DIGITAL and CW. Working DL35EUDXF on the same band in the same mainmode is considered as a dupe QSO and does not count for the award. Any other combination counts as a valid QSO.

  • The following award levels are available:

    • Bronze: 2 valid QSOs with DL35EUDXF
    • Silver: 5 valid QSOs with DL35EUDXF
    • Gold: 10 valid QSOs with DL35EUDXF
    • Platinum: 15 valid QSOs with DL35EUDXF

    For SWLs the same levels apply, please send a QSO list that contains date, time, call of the station that worked DL35EUDXF, band and mode to dl4eax@darc.de.